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Multi-Jurisdictional Pregame Odds Feed

The Market Feed is an aggregated odds feed which encompasses fixtures, odds and results from more than half a million matches and events into one standardised XML or JSON feed. It enables you to respond to real-time events in global sports betting 24/7.

Data is broken down into different market segments to allow full control over the information which you get and when you get it, enabling customised output from more than 250 bookmakers in a standardised format. You can set any custom average odds combination, and the pre-game odds feed allows you to monitor current odds and changes in custom odds, as well as tracking aggregate movements and potential arbitrage/liability situations.

All sports, bookmakers and markets have the same structure and logic enabling you to consume as much data as you wish with ease.

The Market Feed allows scalable tracking of specific interest areas, from entry level access through to being able to track across the whole pre-game database in multiple jurisdictions. Country and region-specific bookmakers are covered, as are special operators by jurisdiction and other niche operators. The Market Feed forms the basis of integrity and market analysis work – it can also be used to power odds comparison and other database-led betting applications.


Extensive coverage

Over 500,000 competitions covered a year, including 1500+ football competitions.

Wide-ranging bookmakers

Odds from 250+ bookmakers on 40+ sports and 100+ markets and deliver them to you in one feed.


Details of bookmakers that have gone “Off The Board” – no longer show odds on their site.

Timestamped data

Decide what information you act upon. Filter out odds that are more than 10mins old for example.

Reduce bandwidth

Only request updates to the odds you are interested in, with no need to continually refresh the entire event or events.

24/7 support

Customer support is available all day, every day.

Data stream

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