Business Analytical Tool

TXDash is a business odds comparison tool that gives instant access to comparative analysis and reports based on operator and competitor coverage. The sophisticated analytics, used within the platform, offer users greater insights into a wide range of dimensions, and provides hugely valuable information about the industry and its operators.

It provides instant access to analysis, odds and multiple aggregations.

Users benefit from core features which include intuitive and condensed visualisations across complex data sets – examples include over-round analysis, uptime reporting, market breadth coverage, comparative bookmaker and market analysis and much more.

TXDash is powered from the TXLab Big Data platform.

Pre-processed datasets

Perform complex queries on the archive of precise time-stamped data we have stored and enjoy fast response times.

For all departments

The scope of customised reports available make it an integral tool for all departments within any organisation.

Smart visualisation

The results of the reports can be seen via Tibco Sportfire’s visualisation tool to enhance the assimilation of business information and showcase relevant insights.

Bookmaker queries

Create and store reporting queries for re-use at any time.

Download in CSV

Results of reports can be downloaded in CSV format for further anlaysis and reporting either manually or default.

Precise reports

Create reports based on multiple aggregations such as match count, average over-rounds, suspensions, coverage, markets…the list is endless.

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