The following is a quick guide on how to use the website.

The website requires a valid subscription for access. Please follow the instructions from the “login” link on the top right to set up and pay for your account.

Once you have set up your account and are logged in, you can now make use of the “My TXODDS” feature to set up as many customisable user profiles that you require. These profiles will apply to all dynamic pages – odds comparison, market moves, odds changes, OTB and arbs (“sure wins”).


  • Q: I want to follow soccer asian handicap and over/under odds changes for SBO, IBC and Pinnacle. How do I set this up?
  • A: Click on “Preferences”, then click on the “new” button to the right of “Active Profile” link and enter a name to save the profile under and click “OK”.


  1. Under “Sports” tag, click on “soccer”.
  2. Under “Bookies” tag, click on IBC, SBO and Pinnacle.
  3. Under “Odds types” tag, click on “asian handicap” and totals.
  4. Then click on “Save changes” to save the profile.

The “default” site setting for preferences is all sports and all odds types. You can set up as many preferences as you like on your account and switch between them at any point using the MyTXODDS feature.


Home page (“Odds”)

This is set according to your preference profile active at the time. A guide to the columns is as follows:

1×2 Home, draw away odds

  • Odds in blue = down.
  • Odds in red = up.
  • Odds in grey = starting odds.

AH Asian handicap

  • Odds in blue = down.
  • Odds in red = up.
  • Odds in grey = starting odds.

UO Under/Over

  • Odds in blue = down.
  • Odds in red = up.
  • Odds in grey = starting odds.

% Market average percentage 1×2

Moves Order by 1×2

  • u = number of changes up.
  • d = number of changes down.

OCI Odds change index – weighting of the overall move

Odds comparison pages

These are now determined by your current “preference” settings.


  • Click on team name in match headers to see team history and link to history odds by team.
  • Click on “odds” in match header to see chronological odds progression.
  • Click on “excel” in match header to download odds to excel.
  • Click on blue or red odds for a pop up to appear with odds history + starting price.
  • Odds in blue are on way down.
  • Odds in red are on way up.
  • Click on top of each column to order by alphabetical, descending or ascending order.
  • Hold cursor between the final column percentage and comment box to see last time of update or verification.
  • A grey X denotes that the odds can not be verified or have been removed by the operator.
  • A red X denotes that odds were last updated over 1 hour ago and may be out of date.

Columns – example 1 x 2 odds:

  • First block of 3 columns are odds for home – draw – away.
  • Second block of 3 columns are equivalent percentages without bookmakers’ deductions.
  • Third block of 3 columns are Kelly theorem numbers for home – draw – away outcomes.
  • Final number is percentage return/margin – i.e. 93 means there is a 7% margin.

Market Moves

Key to columns:

  • n = total number
  • up = changes up
  • dn = changes down
  • ca = current average
  • ia = initial average
  • oci = odds change index (weighted overall move).

Special features:

Click on up/down icons to order by columns of:

  • starting time/date
  • alphabetical match order
  • number of moves/up down on any of outcomes 1 x 2
  • descending/ascending OCI order.

Odds changes

Key to colours:

  • Yellow = new change
  • Orange = overall change from starting odds 0.07 or higher.
  • Use “Live Filter” to filter, for example “Juventus” will return and monitor only changes relevant to Juventus.

NB – please bear in mind “preference” selected determines what is displayed.

OTB – Off the Board

Matches where odds by bookmakers have been taken down or can not be verified.

Key to columns:

  • ot = odds type
  • n = total number of offers
  • na = number active
  • nia = number inactive
  • ia pct = inactive percentage

Arbs (previously known as “Sure Wins”)

Use the “preferences” settings to set bookmakers for calculation.

Use the “Max Arb” feature to set the maximum arb limit, for example 1.04 = 4%. Please note, high numbers are likely to be bugs or errors, our developers work on correcting these and they may be alerted to any suspect prices using the notification box (far right of all odds pages).

Use the “Live Filter” to focus more closely. For example “Pinnacle” in the Live Filter box vs. the default settings will return all Pinnacle arbs in the database.

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