We are pioneers in ultra-low latency odds delivery

We are pioneers in ultra-low latency odds delivery

Our vision

"To connect the sports betting ecosystem to the most compelling and innovative, ultra-low latency sports odds delivery platform"

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About us

TXODDS is the leading provider of sports betting data and technology, supplying accurate, super low latency odds feeds to the betting industry for over 20 years.

Founded in 2000, we have spent 20+ years creating a market leading global delivery platform for low latency streamed odds data. TXODDS specialises in the aggregation of sports betting data and distribution of FAST, ACCURATE ODDS via betting odds API feeds and providing historical data to the global sports betting industry. We work behind-the-scenes across the sports gaming industry, ensuring clients have access to real time, accurate and relevant data – no matter which sport or fixture. We also maintain the world’s most comprehensive betting odds data archive, for full end-to-end Analytics and Business Intelligence retrieval. Our products give access to the most reliable, low latency and actionable sports betting data available. 

Even if you do not recognise our name, if you have ever placed a bet online, it is likely that the site is actively utilising our data. 

TXODDS - a global business

We offer the best in global sports betting odds data.

Our state-of-the-art products are supported by our global presence which facilitates us in streaming odds with market leading latency and reliability to all areas of the world. With our distributed teams, 24/7 global support and performance tuned multi availability architecture we are able to provide a wide range of accurate, ultra-low latency live odds from the most optimal locations for our clients.   

TX coverage is global with odds being provided to 30+ sports, and over 5000 sports competitions annually. We service data – 24/7 – 365 days a year across all major time zones.  With an increasing range of live odds data, sports coverage and product solutions we remain the partner of choice for sportsbook customers around the world.   

With a long-established base of International clients spanning 5 continents we know what it takes to support our clients in delivering value, efficiency and increasing their margins.  

Global sports betting data around the planet


ISN+ Asia's key market maker

ISN+ is the collaboration between TXODDS and BetISN for the exclusive distribution of BetISN’s ultra-low latency odds via the TXODDS Fusion platform. With odds changes available at least 5 seconds prior to being visible on BetISN’s website, this feed offers a unique opportunity to leverage the advantages of being first to identify significant sharp moves in the market.

Affording you the opportunity to capitalise on the expertise of Asia’s leading market maker combined with the industry’s lowest latency odds delivery platform to maximise your trading strategy.



Combining the best content, data and odds in one place, Allsported is the industry-standard horseracing automated trading solution.

Racing Post content is included and we have integrated all the main race day data providers meaning that in one integration you can get everything you need to power a racing product.

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