Consume all data updates in real time through a high performance live sports odds feed

Revolutionising Odds Data Delivery

Fusion provides you the ultimate sports trading experience powering the data that makes a difference

A high-performance feed you can rely on with real time processing of all Pre-game & In-play Odds changes

Stay connected to a wide coverage of sports, competitions and fixtures around the clock 

Customise your thresholds, observe volatility fluctuations and set synthetic pricing across all major betting markets 

Lowest Latency For Your Platform

Fusion sets the pace globally

Fusion delivers sports odds via a JSON/XML feed with unrivalled low latency creating an environment for the most efficient and profitable trading  

All processing occurs within the Fusion feed in real time eliminating end to end latency issues   

Fusion’s infrastructure and multiple redundant hosting ensures instant updates in a unified format that enables faster more consistent delivery no matter where in the world you are based 

Integrate the feed

Subscribe to the data you require

Receive instant data updates

Rapid Setup – Simple Integration

Subscribing to Fusion is a seamless, straightforward experience

A simple integration process gives you access to the data you require in minutes allowing you to be synchronised to the global betting market 24/7 thereafter  

Talk to our team today and get access to the industry’s fastest odds delivery system

Customise Your Content With Fusion

Tailor a wide range of data to your requirements

Selective feeds

Consume only the data that you require at any time and focus solely on the information that matters most to you throughout all the stages of the odds evolution – event creation through to in running and final results 

Customise Subscriptions

Seamlessly tailor your feed subscriptions to a wide range of different odds datasets giving you complete flexibility and control. Build and customise your subscriptions to manage the data as you require through unlimited subscriptions 

Scale Your Output

Scale your offering and customise your content exactly as required with access to a wide-ranging coverage of sports events delivered around the clock, 365 days a year ensuring your customers are kept engaged  

Coverage Control

Create your own specific coverage conditions by defining the exact information or message types you require within the odds stream allowing you to manage and control your data bandwidth 

Stable Price

Providing a consensus of the market

Stableprice provides both a de-marginated and marginated average market price using a blend of bookmaker’s prices for core markets allowing you to validate and benchmark your own prices against the market.

Stableprice allows you full control of where you want to position yourself within the market.

Visualise Your Fusion Data

Introducing Peacock, TX’s latest monitoring Interface 

  • Oversee the market and your odds data in running through a specialised viewer 
  • Quickly identify pre-game/in running changes between prices and oversee shortest/longest offerings    
  • Customise views to analyse different sports, competitions, markets, bookmaker offerings & odds formats 

Performance Assured

From a trusted tier 1 partner

  • Fusion is hosted across multi availability zones    

  • Full end to end system redundancy  

  • Latest cloud hosted technology  

  • Dedicated 24/7 product and technical specialist support 

  • Auto-reconnect 

  • Full context availability – Simply put – if your subscription drops you can request any missed messages 

  • Concurrent client subscriptions can be started or stopped independently. Each new subscription can start by optionally shipping a fully consistent context  

Understanding Your Requirements

Get in touch and let us know what sports you’re looking to cover, and give us any further information so that we can quickly come back to you with a proposal and more information  

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