Odds data coverage options

Key benefits

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Ultra low latency

The introduction of our Fusion technology has reduced platform latency to <10ms with a consistent data flow creating a truly low latency betting platform.

Live sports odds feed data is shipped via subscriber-specific channels allowing customers to process all data updates as soon as they happen.


No missed data

Concurrent client subscriptions can be started or stopped independently. Each new subscription can start by optionally shipping a fully consistent context.

Simply put – if your subscription drops you can request any missed messages.


Increased odds offering

Odds are classified using SuperOddsTypes – a method of concisely classifying odds to avoid issues encountered when mapping traditional odds types. 

This gives us the ability to now provide player props and player specific market types allowing customers the potential to service an even greater number of markets.  


Trusted partner

As a trusted integral partner to tier 1 clients for over 25 years we have a proven first-class track record in our data delivery with assured levels of service uptime and reliability. Access to the Odds Distributor is secured via a number of Industry best practice encryption and security control’s including: IP based access restrictions, enforced HTTPS and fully realised authentication and authorisation mechanisms.

This ensures our customer requests are sent securely to our services protecting the privacy and integrity of the exchanged data from malicious attacks or being read by a third party.
Providing the highest levels of data quality and integrity is at the forefront of what we do.  

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