Benefit from over two decades of archived sports betting data

Utilise TXLabs – The worlds largest historical sports odds database

Let the past inform the present

Use the power of TXlabs to analyse where you sit in the market and improve your competitiveness. 

Let the TXlabs analytics suite, equipped with big data odds API and market intelligence search functionality, benefit your business and enhance your analytical capabilities. 

Whatever your requirement our historical odds database can be tailored to find you the solution. If it’s machine learning models, quantitative price analysis, back testing existing models, reverse engineering bookmaker’s prices or simply benchmarking your competitiveness against your competitors, TXlabs has everything you need. 

Pricing Strategy Optimisation

  • By analysing historical odds data, bookmakers can gain crucial insights into the behaviour of odds movements before and during the game, this allows them to refine their pricing strategy to maximise profitability and increase customer engagement. 
  • Regional pricing analysis enables you to optimize your pricing strategies for specific regions/countries. Factoring in considerations such as sports popularity by country coverage and your competitors pricing strategy  
  • Analysis historical data by markets comparing actual performance against expected performance to evaluate your pricing strategy and overround per market to optimize efficiency.  

Sports Tiering
Market limits
Lay to lose limits

  • Historical odds data will enable the categorisation of sports by competition and league by tiering based on historical overrounds. Creating insights into market trends, reoccurring patterns and allowing you to adjust your tiering when required. 
  • Market limit evaluation based on tiering, overrounds and market performance can determine market limits by tier/competition/market for optimal risk management. 
  • Leverage historical odds data to analysis customer staking patterns and staking behaviour enabling you to determine appropriate lay to lose limits by customer segmentation, tier and market type.  

Understanding Your Requirements

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