Drill down into the most complete historical odds database.

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Drill down into the most complete historical odds database.

Analytics allows access to the most comprehensive and accessible odds checker and sports betting data sets in the world.

With access to the world’s biggest historical odds database of timestamped betting odds data, it uses up-to-date big data techniques to provide statistical and historical analysis using trillions of pieces of odds data, including historical football and baseball odds.

Users enjoy fast reaction times even for complex queries, and the app’s custom reporting can perform historical pricing, competitor and quantitative analysis, enabling users to back-test in order to enhance existing models and analyse losses.

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Improve margins by back-testing or enhancing existing models


Perform quantitative and historical price analysis


Analyse how you lost or are losing money


Reverse engineer bookmaker odds and margins


Machine learning models for expected “normal” prices


Analyse predictive power of bookmakers – what leagues do they price best?

Vast data sets

Content Available

  • Timestamped pre-game odds from 1999/2000 season onwards
  • Tick by tick in-running data since December 2006
  • Over 25 sports for pre-game as well as additional tournament data, e.g. Olympics
  • Multiple line low-latency for all Full Time and First Half Asian handicap, totals and 1×2 betting from key operators
  • Over 880,000 pre-game and 620,000 in-running matches including final score data
  • Access to the whole history of sports betting odds from industry stalwarts such as SBO and BetISN since they first appeared online, as well as hundreds of others that no longer exist
  • Regular data dumps in generic and customer-requested formats for both Trading Feed (also known as AHC) and the Market Feed (also known as XML2) odds, along with appropriate match metadata
  • Specialised data dumps for matches meeting certain criteria, for example, a range of starting prices
  • Regular reports on general coverage provided by TXODDS, including sports, leagues, odds types etc
  • A variety of coverage reports, providing insight into which leagues are covered by which bookmaker, as well as comparative analysis identifying gaps related to leagues, odds types or lines

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