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Who We Work With

TXODDS has always been customer-driven, building world class products and offering first class support. We work closely with clients to constantly improve customer experience. 

Here is a selection of some of our working relationships.

Partnerships Making the Difference

TX Odds and Bet ISN

ISN+ is the collaboration between TXODDS and BetISN for the exclusive distribution of BetISN’s ultra-low latency odds via the TXODDS Fusion platform. This partnership provides the opportunity to capitalise on the expertise of Asia’s leading market maker served by the industry’s lowest latency odds delivery platform – Fusion. With an expanding number of sports and markets coupled with lightening delivery speed ISN+ is setting the pace as an industry leading offering.   

The TX Story

TXODDS is the leading provider of sports betting data and technology, supplying accurate, super low latency odds data feeds to the betting industry. 

TXODDS was founded in 2000, and has evolved into a company with a comprehensive portfolio of products that assist individuals & departments operating in the sports betting sector around the world. With a long-established base of International clients spanning 5 continents we know what it takes to support our clients in delivering value, efficiency and increasing their margins. 

With an increasing range of live odds data, sports coverage and product solutions we remain the partner of choice for sportsbook customers around the world. 

Even if you do not recognise our name, if you have ever placed a bet online, it is likely that the site is actively utilising our data. 

What We Do

Revolutionising the delivery of sports odds data

TXODDS specialises in the aggregation of sports betting data and distribution of FAST, ACCURATE ODDS via our state-of-the-art streaming service Fusion. We work behind-the-scenes across the sports gaming sector to ensure clients have access to real time, accurate and relevant data – no matter which sport, event or fixture. TX coverage is global with odds being provided to 30+ sports, and over 5000 sports competitions annually. We service data – 24/7 – 365 days a year across all major time zones.   

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A Global Business

Underpinning international trading rooms

Our state-of-the-art products are supported by our global presence which facilitates us in streaming odds with market leading latency and reliability to all areas of the world. With our distributed teams, 24/7 global support and performance tuned multi availability architecture we are able to provide a wide range of accurate, ultra-low latency live odds from the most optimal locations for our clients.