Even if you do not recognise our name, if you have ever placed a bet online, it is likely that the site is actively utilising our data.

TXODDS was a sports betting provider at the inception of online betting and, over the years, has evolved into a company with a comprehensive portfolio of products that assist individuals and departments in several industries around the world. We create effective, long-lasting and robust partnerships, enabling clients to evolve in the ever-changing betting and data environments. Hence, we are trusted by some of the biggest names in the industry – bookmakers, betting operators, platforms, suppliers and quantitative analysts, to integrity and professional sports bodies.


We are a sports betting odds streaming service across a global delivery platform. We work behind-the-scenes across the sports gaming industry, ensuring clients have access to real time, accurate and relevant data – no matter which sport or fixture. We also maintain the world’s most comprehensive betting odds data archive, for full end-to-end Analytics and Business Intelligence retrieval.


We may be headquartered in London, but our company is global.

Covering almost every time zone, and available 24/7, our team is made up of many different backgrounds that all feed into each other. Our team shares a passion for technology and creating innovative products.