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Always on, low-latency push service
– Multiple types of data streams, such as odds enriched with many additional features as well as server-side computed aggregations, TopN updates, and various alerts.
– Low-latency streams shipped via subscriber-specific push channels.
-Integration, de-duplication and normalisation of raw source data into a unified representation including normalised odds types.
-Unique subscription query mechanism based on client-selected data cubes according to such dimensions as sports, bookies or odds types, or for single matches.
–Concurrent client subscriptions can be started or stopped independently.
-Each new subscription starts by shipping a fully consistent context, i.e., all the offers corresponding to the specified subscription query.
– Alerting mechanism based on largest moves or comparison between groups of bookies. The alerts are bespoke for each subscription query, so, for example, the TopN moves are computed only for the cube specified in the query.
– Pre-kickoff optional consensus price TX LINE and goal line included with each update.
– All other offers (and associated timestamps) for the bookies specified in the query included with each update, simplifying the logic on the clients.
– Mutual 1×2 < – > handicaps conversion on the fly.
– A count of score changes included with the updates.
– TXLIVE — predicted odds representing normally expected odds, based on a model built using the machine learning techniques.
– Historical playback of matches.
– Always adding new improvements to data consistency, sports coverage and latency optimisation.
– The push paradigm simplifies the client integration effort—simply listen to updates and process each new message one at a time without the need of storing any data on the client.
– Event processing infrastructure utilising a production cluster of Tibco StreamBase nodes. StreamBase offers a very fast update cycle for new and updated server-side algorithms.
– Included samples for Java, C# and JavaScript WebSockets integration.
– Resilient architecture with transparent reconnection mechanisms for planned and unexpected restarts.
– The system is used in production with major customers.

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The TXODDS MARKET ODDS FEED allows you to create custom “normalised” XML output for monitoring any combination of our 200+ bookmakers and odds types across all sports & betting markets covered:
– 1×2, moneylines, Asian handicaps, totals, handicaps, odds/even, goal/no goal, ht/ft, crs, 1st half etc. across all sports covered.
– Set any odds/bookmaker combination and monitor current odds in the marketplace.
– Set any custom average odds combination and monitor global markets.
– Use XML “last time stamp” feature to monitor all/any custom odds changes according to your settings.
– Monitor rapid odds movements and potential arbitrage/liability situations.
– The possibilities are endless, and the TXODDS MARKET ODDS FEED is updated in line with the live master odds database, enabling versatile processing of multiple data streams in a standardised format. Essentially, this enables your own database to connect directly to and respond to events happening 24/7 in the global sports betting market.

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TX Dash is built specifically to allow the user to have instant access to comparative analysis and reporting on operator/competitor coverage
– Providing insight into a wide range of dimensions i.e. which leagues are covered by which bookmakers, identifying gaps in operator coverage related to leagues, odds types or lines
– Provide multiple aggregations such as match count, average over-rounds etc
– Create and bookmaker your queries for re-use
– Download results in CSV for further analysis and reporting either manually or by default
– Latest “big data” technologies developed in other fields to order and easily manage trillions of pieces of odds data.
– Hadoop infrastructure, no more requirements for handling large SQL files or data dumps

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The most comprehensive and accessible data relating to sports betting available in the world.
– Access the world’s biggest archive of timestamped sports betting odds data.
– Leverage the latest big data technologies for statistical and historical analysis.
– Execute complex queries and enjoy fast response times.
– Perform quantitative analysis, competitor analysis, historical pricing analysis.
– Ideal for back-testing, enhancing your existing models and custom reporting
– “R” interface for working directly on large datasets.
– Hadoop infrastructure

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