Who will win, Tyson Fury vs Francis Ngannou 

Close-up photograph of the boxing gloves of a fighter taking a break from training
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The bout between Tyson Fury and Francis Ngannou is generating immense anticipation among boxing fans and bettors alike. As the two formidable athletes from different worlds collide, the betting odds between this highly anticipated clash have become a great topic of interest. In this discussion, we will delve deeper into the odds, explore the factors and provide insights to help you make informed wagers for October 28th on what promises to be an epic showdown.

What are the factors?

Considering that Fury is the boxer in this match and the world’s heavyweight champion and Ngannou’s lack of boxing experience, it appears that Fury is the favourite to win.

As much as Ngannou is coming in as an underdog in this fight, he still has an opportunity to win due to his powerful punches, even though the odds reflect that the chances are very slim. The Cameroonian fighter is known for once having the most powerful punches in the world and is very popular for his devastating KOs. 

Reach, Stance and Height 

Fury and Ngannou both stand at similar heights. Fury stands a little taller than his opponent at 206 cm, and Nagnnou is a little smaller at 193 cm. However, both fighters have very similar reaches; Ngannou has a reach of 211 cm, and Fury’s is only a few cm longer at 216 cm. So when it comes to reach stance and height, Fury only has a very slight advantage. 

Additionally, they both fight in an orthodox fighting stance (where fighters stand with their left foot in front and their right foot in the back. Your right hand is connected to your chin or head, while your left hand is in the lead. The lead left hand is the first line of defence to test the range between you and your opponent). 

Previous Record

Each fighter comes from two different worlds, but both uphold impressive records. The Gypsy King has never been defeated and holds a record of 34-1-0, winning 24 by KO and Ngannou, also known as The Predator, holds a record of 17-0-3, winning 12 by KO. As we know, Ngannou is an MMA fighter; he has battled it out in the ring with some of the most formidable opponents out there and, while the sports are similar, the rules for the two do differ slightly. 

The rules regarding MMA allow a lot more freedom when it comes to fighting techniques. The standard rules for boxing are:

  • No hitting below the belt.
  • Fighters are only allowed to punch with their hands.
  • Holding, kicking, headbutting, wrestling, biting, pushing aren’t allowed.
  • No hitting with head, forearm, elbow, or shoulders.
  • No punching on the opponent’s back or kidneys.
  • Once the referee calls for a break, fighting must stop.
  • You can’t use the ropes to gain an advantage.
  • “Floored” boxer must get up within 10 seconds before being declared defeated by knockout.
  • No hitting or punching while the opponent is knocked down.

While the MMA rule are:

  • Fighters can’t use their head as a striking instrument.
  • Striking the opponent’s head with your feet isn’t allowed once the opponent is down.
  • No hair pulling, biting, or spitting.
  • No holding of the opponent’s gloves or shorts.
  • Avoiding contact or faking an injury is illegal.

With no previous experience in a boxing ring, Nagnnou may struggle to adjust to the fighting technique. 

The Odds 

The current average odds, as collected by TXODDS, are Fury 1.059  and Ngannou 8.117 . 

Besides who will be crowned victorious, if you want to place a wager, there are a few other variables to bet on. 

How many rounds will it go?

Based on their previous fights, it is hard to predict how many rounds it will go as boxing is usually scheduled for twelve two-three-minute rounds, and MMA usually only goes for three five-minute rounds. However, Fury’s and Ngannou’s previous fights usually go only a short distance. 

Average odds to go the distance 5.367, fight to be stopped beforehand 1.140. 

Will there be a KO or UD victory?

Boxing and MMA victories are ruled very differently. Despite that, both fighters have quite a successful KO record in their respective sports. Fury has ended twenty-four out of his thirty-four fights by TKO or KO; his last UD was nearly five years ago against Otto Wallin, while Francis has finished twelve of his seventeen fights by KO. However, Ngannou has not fought in over a year, and his last KO victory was back in 2021 against Stipe Miocic. 

Average odds on KO victory: 

Fury 1.191

Ngannou 9.450

Odds on UD:

Fury 6.000

Ngannou 49.200