Insights and Market Moves

Common Uses


Receive detailed OCI reports explaining market changes.


Read previews from the usual TXODDS sports betting experts.


Thorough information regarding news and changes from a team or individual.

TXAPP: Anywhere Match Information App

TXAPP delivers match information to your device as soon as it is published. Receive event previews, soccer moves, and team news wherever you are.

Using the TXODDS sports betting odds API, our app enables betting professionals to get real-time information for today’s fast-paced global sports betting needs on the move. It allows access to up-to-date information and in-depth analysis of performance and previews of forthcoming matches.

Users will have access to previews written by sports betting experts, news and detailed OCI reports.

Users will benefit from core features which include:

– Previews from betting experts

– OCI reports detailing the likeliest reasons behind betting moves

– Special league and event previews and more across football, tennis, darts, Formula 1 and golf.


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