There are many similarities between the stock market and the sports betting industry. Our business was inspired by it.

The Stock Market is a weekday, working hours platform; Sports Betting is 24/7/365 where the data sets covered are constantly changing.

TXODDS ensures that clients have access to the most reliable, low latency and actionable data available. In an industry where speed and accuracy is everything, TXODDS has spent 20 years creating a global delivery platform for low latency streamed odds data.

As we are used to optimising trading and helping clients make smarter and faster decisions, we leverage the latest Big Data technologies to give our clients the most advanced real-time data knowledge the sports betting industry has to offer.

TXODDS works with the biggest industry names and our services are in use at the front line of trading rooms globally, supplying customised data streams and the latest optimisation features..

Our odds APIs offer the most up-to-date, real-time information for professionals looking for high-level data, offering unrivalled analytics and insights to deliver up-to-date aggregated sporting odds from around the world, covering the most popular sports and all the major sporting events.

We offer a number of customisable packages for Markets (multi-jurisdiction pre- game odds) and Traders (low-latency in-play odds); a historical Big Data platform, TXLAB, which offers extensive data on sporting odds. Standalone services Allsported (global racing automated price, trading and settlement service) and TXMARKETS (betting monitor), are examples of utilisations of our APIs.



The introduction of our Fusion technology is breaking latency barriers allowing us to move data even faster for our clients. All TXODDS pregame and live feeds can now be delivered from the Fusion platform.



TX Analytics facilitates deep analysis of the life cycle of a betting market, from opening price to last kick of the ball.
Modelling can be used by data science and quant teams to break away from suppliers and own your prices.



Combining the best content, data and odds in one place, Allsported is the industry-standard horseracing automated trading solution.



TX Markets lets you focus on both individual bookmakers’ odds changes as well as giving a global view of aggregated moves. The lean and concise screen design optimises the display of large and changing amounts of sports betting data.

TX Markets runs its own index on how much the sports market has moved through the Odds Change Index (OCI). This OCI monitors the weight of the change in one direction where, the higher the OCI value, the greater the move. TX Markets’ expert sports betting analysts collate the OCI reports which provide real-life reasons behind the significant odds changes.