Betting on American Football – Market Size and Potential

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American football is a popular sport on both sides of the pond. While college football draws some attention, when it comes to betting on American football, the NFL is the main attraction. Whether it’s divisional matchups, the playoffs or the Superbowl, each game has thrills, highs and lows.

While the competitive sport is limited to the US, games are hosted in the UK, and there are fans all over the world. It means that the sports betting market shouldn’t be overlooked. Let’s take a look at the sport and its potential

Overview of the American Football Market Size

American football has many attractions. One of the reasons it stands out is because it’s a contact sport involving physicality. It blends contact with speed and strategy, making it a hit with spectators and those who like to wager.

In 2022, the global sports betting market’s value was $83.65 billion (£65.88), and that’s expected to expand from 2023 to 2030 at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 10.3%. The American football betting market has a role to play in that growth.

When looking at the handle and revenue for sports betting in the US, it’s possible to draw conclusions about the boost in revenue during the NFL season, post-season and NCAA March Madness. Compared to the off-season, the revenue in September through to March is often double, showing the market size of American football.

Statistics from Variety Intelligence Platform show that betting on college football and the NFL is popular with Gen Z, Millennials and Gen X. It’s a big hit with mobile bettors, ranking number one compared to other sports during the NFL season.

How To Get an Advantage When Offering American Football Odds

Now that you can see the potential of the American football betting market, it’s time to look at how you can get in on the action. Your data service is everything when it comes to covering a sports market. That’s why working with a leading provider that has their finger on the pulse of what’s happening with NFL odds is essential. 

Your sports betting data provider should help you find your competitive edge. As well as ensuring you have a flawless odds API feed with low latency, you can access a monitoring interface that helps you visualise and get to grips with the sports, markets and odds for pre-game and in-play action. For all these needs and to stay one step ahead, you can turn to TXODDS.

What TXODDS Has To Offer

When you work with TXODDS, you’re getting much more than an odds feed provider. Let’s take a closer look at the benefits that your sports betting site will receive with TXODDS and American football betting.

  • Fast and accurate odds – Whether you need an XML odds feed or a JSON odds feed, you can get fast and accurate American football sports odds and data with TXODDS state-of-the-art Fusion service. The low latency means all data updates come through in real-time, which means you can deliver a high-performance live sports odds feed to your customers.
  • Rapid setup – The straightforward integration process means you won’t lose any time while getting set up. It’s a seamless experience that gets you up and running with American football odds in three steps. You integrate the feed, subscribe to the data you require and receive instant updates.
  • A 24/7 service – Your access to the global betting market runs 24/7, 365 days a year. There’s no need to worry about downtime or issues from working in different time zones. Not only is the data serviced 24/7, but the team is on hand to answer your queries and offer support to help with your requests.
  • Easy customisation – You get to pick the feeds that you need, so if you want NFL data, you can add it. Being able to customise your feeds and subscriptions gives you control and flexibility. Plus, it allows you to focus on what works for you while keeping the data manageable.
  • TXlabs analysis – It’s not just current data that you benefit from. With TXOODS data analytics, you can use the historical odds database to enhance your business. It has plenty of uses, including benchmarking your competitiveness against other sports betting sites and reverse engineering bookmaker prices. With over two decades of historical sports betting data, there’s so much potential. 
  • Pricing strategy optimisation – Gaining insights on historical American football sports betting odds gives you the edge. You can understand odds movement before a game begins and while it’s in play, allowing you to refine your pricing strategy. It allows you to optimise efficiency and maximise profitability.