How To Use Sports Betting Analytics for Your Business in 2024

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With the number of users in the sports betting market expected to reach 181.9 million by 2028, it’s fair to say that technology has helped the industry grow. Let’s take a look at what data analytics involves, how it affects sports betting and how you can make that part of your business plan.

Guide to Marketing Your Sports Betting Business Online

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It’s a competitive market out there, which is why sports betting marketing plays such an important role in your success. While a few ads can get some attention, a marketing strategy with several elements is more likely to maximise your ROI.

Read on to find out how accurate and well-displayed data combined with helpful content can expand your customer base. Plus, get some tips on how to retain existing customers and impress users who haven’t made up their minds just yet.

Betting on American Football – Market Size and Potential

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American football is a popular sport on both sides of the pond. While college football draws some attention, when it comes to betting on American football, the NFL is the main attraction. Whether it’s divisional matchups, the playoffs or the Superbowl, each game has thrills, highs and lows. While the competitive sport is limited to […]

Betting Terms For Dummies

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Sports betting lingo can be feel like it is an entirely different language. Here are the main terms that you need to know.