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Low Latency In-Play Odds Feed

Specifically developed to cope with the ever-growing demand for in-play odds, the Trader Feed underpins global sports trading rooms. The low latency Push feed enables the creation of custom streams of odds changes, thresholds, volatility fluctuations and synthetic pricing across all major betting markets.

Developed on Tibco Streambase the Trader Feed enables real time processing that will lead to a distinct competitive advantage.


Optimise Trading

Unrivalled coverage enables you to run algorithmic trading and offer more betting opportunities for your customers with no extra resources.

Flexible subscriptions

Unlimited subscriptions mean you can quickly adapt to changing business needs. Start, edit and stop absorbing new data from bookmakers in seconds.

Valid Data

TraderFeed allows you to subscribe to specific datasets. All processing is done within the feed in real time to avoid latency issues and directly supply you with the data that you need.

High availability

24/7 customer service and specially developed “heartbeat” mechanism allows clients constant availability.

Speed Assured

Multiple redundant hosting solutions in Asia and Europe ensure the lowest latency possible wherever you are based.

Quick setup

A simple integration gives you access to data in minutes, keeping you synchronised with the global betting market 24/7.

Data stream

Have full confidence in the data which is transmitted to you. Only get sent data if all ‘trusted’ bookmaker(s) are offering odds on that event.


Weight bookmakers’ odds depending on sport, league, market or match to create your own synthetic price.


Precise time-stamped data allows you to dismiss outdated odds.

If a chosen bookmaker has not updated its odds, those odds can be ignored.

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Only receive data when bookmakers of your choice move their odds a certain amount.

No need to have every update.


Receive odds updates on specific datasets.

For example, receive continuous updates of the highest two odds from the bookmakers of your choice.


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