2019 German Masters Darts Tips And Preview

July 11, 2019

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2019 German Masters Darts Tips And Preview

The third Germans Masters Darts tournament kicks off in Cologne on Friday evening. Last year it was Mensur Suljovic who triumphed, beating Dimitri Van den Bergh in the decider. The Austrian is back to defend his crown, but he faces some stiff competition. James Punt has previewed the tournament in depth, check out his 2019 German Masters Darts tips below…

2019 German Masters Darts

2019 German Masters Preview

Last year this event was played over a single day but this year we are back to a normal two day format. Eight invited PDC representatives play eight German qualifiers in the first round on Friday evening with the remaining matches played on Saturday.

This is just the third German Masters World Series event and so far only one ‘qualifier’ has made it out of the first round and that was Mensur Suljovic, so not really a local qualifier. The 2017 event was won by Peter Wright who beat Phil Taylor in the final. Last year Mensur Suljovic beat Dimitri van den Bergh to take the title.

This is another title that Michael van Gerwen is yet to win. In 2017 he withdrew with a foot injury after winning his first round match and last year he lost to Van den Bergh in the quarter final.

2019 German Masters Darts: Hopp Leads the Local Challenge

Of the German qualifiers we have the established stars of German darts, Max Hopp and Martin Schindler leading the home nation’s challenge. Along with them there is the rising star that is Gabriel Clemens, already a runner up in  player’s championship events earlier this year.

After those three we have a few names we have seen on the Euro Tour and some player’s championship events but for all that German darts is on the up, the depth of talent isn’t that great. It will be a challenge just to get a German player beyond the first round.

The PDC invitees are MVG, Gary Anderson, Daryl Gurney, Peter Wright, Rob Cross, Mensur Suljovic, James Wade and Raymond van Barneveld.

2019 German Masters Darts: James Wade vs. Kevin Munch

Munch is something of a one match wonder. His claim to fame was to beat Adrian Lewis in the first round of the 2018 World Championship. His Euro Tour record is very poor with no wins from ten matches over the years.

Wade’s form is all a bit confusing. He took a few weeks out to rest after the Premier League finished. He then lost in the 3rd round of the Danish Open, the 1st round of PC 17 but then won PC 18 the next day. The Machine looked a decent bet to win the Czech Open the following weekend but was dumped out 2-6 by Merv King in his opening match, averaging just 90. He has had another two weeks out and it is hard to say what kind of form he is in. That said he should have no difficulty getting past Munch.

Gary Anderson vs. Nico Kurz

Kurz qualified for this last year and nearly won his first round match with Jamie Lewis, losing 5-6. He is another young player, 22 years old, with very little experience against top payers on big stages. Kurz has won just one of his last ten PDC matches and he plays mostly on the German Development Tour. He has played in one Euro Tour event this season, narrowly losing 5-6 to Kim Huybrechts.

Gary Anderson’s comeback hasn’t really got going yet. He won the World Cup of Darts with Peter Wright but last week’s US Masters saw a 6-4 win against a local qualifier before a 6-8 defeat to Gerwyn Price. At least he appears to be fit and there has been no sign of the back problem which kept him out for most of the year.

Anderson is different class and won’t need to near his best to get through to the next round.

2019 German Masters Darts: Daryl Gurney vs. Christian Bunse

Gurney has won six of his last ten matches but he hasn’t really had a good run in a tournament since reaching the semi-final of the Austrian Darts Open in May. Since then it has been a bit win one or two, lose one. His scoring is still usually good with plenty of high 90’s but sometimes that isn’t good enough if your opponent is scoring big ton plus averages.

These two met in player’s championship 17 late last month with Gurney winning 6-4. Gurney is averaging 95.45 on the pro tour, Bunse struggling on 89.9. He is a player with a certain amount of talent and he is young enough to still play on the Development Tour as well as the Pro tour. Bunse is 109th on the Pro Tour OOM, Gurney 5th so there is a big difference in class here. Bunse has beaten the odd big name player on the floor such as Dave Chisnall, Jelle Klassen and Adrian Lewis but on the stage he is 0-4.

It would be a big surprise if Bunse was to win this.

Peter Wright vs. Robert Marijanovic

Peter Wright has won five of his last ten but he is actually playing better than he has for a while. In those ten matches he has averaged 98.6 which is very competitive. He won this back in 2018 and he needs to have a good run in something soon to get his confidence back. Winning the World Cup with Gary Anderson hasn’t been the launch pad he had hoped for but as this isn’t a ranking event he is not defending any money and can play with a bit more freedom.

Marijanovic is one of only three players to have a 100% record over Wright. It is only two players championship matches but it is a warning sign for Wright as his opponent knows he can beat him. He is an experienced player, a tour card holder and one of the more dangerous local qualifiers. His recent form however is poor with just two wins from ten.

If Marijanovics recent form was better then he would be worth a bet but given so many losses he is hard to fancy.

2019 German Masters Darts: Raymond van Barneveld vs. Gabriel Clemens

Barney gets another invite as part of his farewell tour. He mentally retired some time ago but contractual obligations have encouraged him to play a few tournaments. He has played 65 matches in 2019 and was runner up to Adrian Lewis in PC 8 back in March. That was a false dawn however and while he has won a few matches on the Euro Tour he has effectively given that up and shows little enthusiasm for the sport anymore.

Gabriel Clemens looks the real deal. If he really commits to darts full time he will win titles but at the age of 35 is he going to take the plunge? Hopefully as he has a great throw and he very nearly won his first pro tour title back in February, losing 4-8 to Gerwen Price in PC 5. He was runner up again in PC 10 in April losing 4-8 to Jonny Clayton. He was runner up Gary Anderson in PC 11 in 2018.  Clemens still lacks a lot of stage experience and so far he has found hard to take his floor form to the big events. On the Euro Tour he has played five and lost four this year.

These two have twice before and Van Barneveld has won both, 6-2 and 6-3. Clemens has the game to mix it with the top players but his stage form remains weak. Van Barneveld has been away holidaying in America last week so he won’t be very well prepared for a return to tournament darts.

The temptation is to go for Clemens against the semi-retired RVB but his odds are just 2.00 and there is little value in that.

Mensur Suljovic vs. Maik Langendorf

Suljovic is the defending champion but he is having an indifferent season so far in 2019. He had a poor premier league campaign, is just 67th on the player’s championship OOM and he hasn’t made much of an impression on the Euro Tour. His scoring is still good by and large and he has won six of his last ten but it just isn’t happening for him.

Maik Langendorf twice represented Austria in the World Cup of Darts as Suljovic’s teammate. He lost his tour card at the end of 2018. He has won one of their only two previous matches but his scoring these days is not great and Suljovic should be first to a double more often than not. It is hard to see why this veteran can cause a shock win.

Michael van Gerwen vs. Martin Schindler

What can you say about Van Gerwen right now except that his recent form has been poor? He had some time out to take a holiday and didn’t do any practice. Since his return he has played three and lost two and he has lost four of his last seven. He has been missing doubles and generally looking very ordinary. MVG does have dips in form, everyone does, but it is just a matter of for how long. He needs to get his finger out sooner than later with the World Matchplay just around the corner.

Martin ‘The Wall’ Schindler has hit something of a wall career wise. He is still very young (22 years old) so he should still be improving but like a lot of young players the upward momentum is not easy to maintain. He has won five of his last ten but there were a few encouraging signs that he might be getting back to some sort of form.

Schindler Capable of Heavy Scoring

When he is in good form he is a heavy scorer but that scoring was going awry this year. In his last four matches however he averaged 100.2, 96.0, 105.3 and 86.9. The last is more like what he has been playing like for much of the year but two ton plus matches is a good sign.

He is 1-1 vs. MVG in the last year but 1-5 overall. Not surprising for a young kid playing the world number one. However, he has played some very entertaining matches with Van Gerwen. He lost 1-4 to him in last year’s world cup but they went toe to toe in a 180 slugfest and Schinlder averaged 110! That is how good Schindler can be.

Schindler will have the crowd on his side and that can rattle Van Gerwen, especially if his confidence is a bit low after his recent defeats. If Schindler can get inspiration from the home crowd we might just get a surprise result.

2019 German Masters Darts Tips: 1 point Martin Schindler to win @ 8.50 with Sportingbet

Rob Cross vs. Max Hopp

Facing Max Hopp in Germany is always a tough task but Cross has amassed plenty of big stage experience and doesn’t get rattled by a hostile environment. What is worrying him is losing seven of his last ten matches. Yes his pro tour average is the best at 100 but he has lost the art of winning. He has played well for most of 2019 but not won a title and for the second best player in the world, he should be winning more. Perhaps the frustration of not being able to cross the winning line is getting to him.

Cross has played just four matches since the end of the Premier League back in May. While the players need rest, we have seen that it doesn’t take long before a bit of rust can get into their games.

Hopp In Poor Form

It must be said that Max Hopp is in equally poor form, also losing seven of his last ten. He reached the final of PC 16 in mid-May but while that is a good achievement he didn’t actually play very well and had three sub 90 averages on the way to the final. His scoring has been all over the place from 76 to 100 in his last ten with everything in between.

This could be anything. Cross could play one of his world class matches and average over a ton. Alternatively, Hopp could get inspired by the home crowd and dig up his A game. However Cross, whilst losing far too many matches, has averaged over a ton in 50% of his last fifty matches. It seems he just ends up finding a player who is on fire at some point but Hopp’s game has hardly even been smouldering for a while now. Cross has a 3-1 H2H record over Hopp and he should improve on that. Odds of 1.37 for a Cross win look about right.

2019 German Masters Darts: Outright Betting

This looks to be a very hard tournament to call. Nobody is coming into this in great form. With seven wins from ten, James Wade has the best raw figures but he hasn’t played enough to be confident that he is going to play well. Van Gerwen has been struggling to win matches and makes no appeal even at a rare odds against 2.25.

Gary Anderson is the 7.00 second favourite which given his lack of matches played recently looks very short. Rob Cross does make some appeal at 8.00 despite losing seven of his last ten. His scoring is just too good not to have a good run sometime soon. He does have issues playing MVG who he is due to meet in the semi-final but with Van Gerwen not playing great he might dodge that bullet.

Cross Can Conquer

Peter Wright can be backed at 11.0 and he is playing pretty well at the moment. However he is not the winning machine he was a couple of years ago. James Wade, a 15.00 chance, makes some appeal but his draw is tough. He is likely to face Daryl Gurney in the quarter final and those two are very close on the H23H’s. Gurney hasn’t been stringing enough wins together to make odds of 17.00 look attractive. Suljovic has a hard draw with either MVG or Schindler in the quarters, two players who he struggles against.

I will have to go with Cross despite him losing so many matches. Like Jamie Hughes winning on the Euro Tour, if you keep on throwing big numbers you will get a break at some point and Cross is throwing the big numbers.

2019 German Masters Darts: 1 point e/w Rob Cross @ 8.00 with Ladbrokes, Coral, Betfred


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