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August 1, 2017

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The OCI is a calculation based on the number of odds movements from over 250 bookmakers and how far the odds have moved from opening price to current price.

The higher the OCI value, the more volatile the market has been on that fixture  This makes the OCI a good indicator of the interest of a match.

The TXTRADER service uses the biggest OCI-valued matches and analyses their movements and the reasons behind them, given team and player information, or any other information that may affect the OCI value.  The OCI reports are written each and every day and are available on the website, or better, through the TXODDS APP.  An example OCI report can be seen below.

Huddinge IF v Sylvia

Sweden Division 2
Market Move Against Sylvia (102.16 OCI)
Reason: Motivation & Team News

Huddinge IF will be very motivated today they are 2nd from bottom and need to start winning some matches and against Mid table Sylvia can start.Their recent form is Drew 3 Lost 3 and Home Form is Drew 2 Lost 4.They had won 5 Home matches in a row before the last 6 matches played.Their Head to Head record is Won 4 Lost 1.They should have full squad available.
Sylvia are in poor form Drew 1 lost 5 in their last 6 matches and Away form is Won 1 Drew 3 Lost 3, they play on Artificial grass and prefer it to natural grass (Huddinge has natural).They will have a team of youngsters today (18-21) so with inexperience and a poor away record will be tough to get any points.

Huddinge IF 2.32 Draw 3.67 Sylvia 2.48

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