TXODDS Latest News: Important Changes To Subscriptions

March 1, 2019

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We have some very important news to share with both current and future subscribers. There will be changes to our subscription plans in the near future, while there will be some other key changes implemented to our website over the next month also. Please read below to find out TXODDS latest news regarding subscription and website changes.

TXODDS Latest News

TXODDS Latest News-Important Website And Subscription Plan Updates

As of 31 March 2019 there will be two major changes to the TXODDS website and subscription services offered:

1) The existing txodds.com website will be retired and be replaced by the now https://beta.txodds.com site

2) Subscriptions beyond 31st March will only be for the TX TRADER service (EUR 250/month, EUR 1350/6 months, EUR 2500/12 months).

Special offer for all TXODDS users: 

Any subscriptions purchased before 15th March will be treated as a TX TRADER subscription.  So buying 6 months of a PRO/Trader Light subscription will cost EUR 800 and 12 months will cost EUR 1500 as opposed to EUR 1350/2500 for the similar TRADER subscription. If you want to sign up with TXODDS now, click here.

If you already have a long term Trader Light subscription – this will be changed to a TRADER subscription automatically.

For those who already have a long term TRADER subscription, you are welcome to purchase up to 12 months at the above discounted rate to top up your account to get a further 12 months access for EUR 1500 therefore.

Why are we changing?

We believe the future focus for the web service lies in extending the insights provided by combining aggregated data with information as to why the market is moving. Hence we are expanding our Market Moves OCI reports team to offer 350+ OCI reports per week.

With one level of subscription, all users will also benefit from changes additions that we make to the service regularly

Please feel free to contact us (click here) with any questions and feedback that you may have on this change. We look forward to hearing from you.


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