Improve your ROI – back the Home team when they are favourite and win!

Jouni Järvinen highlights a simple strategy for improving your ROI on football betting

ROI (returns on investment) is a popular and simple measure of an investment’s profitability. ROI simply is the amount of investment’s return relative to the investment’s cost. For example, suppose that John invested 1,000 euros in an elevator manufacturing company in 2015 and sold his shares for …

Using history to predict the future in football betting

Kåre Hilt Ingvaldsen walks us through the process of betting on football and how historical data informs that process.

Professional sports trading is a world of its own. Although it shares certain similarities with other forms of trading, it has some unique factors that makes it probably the most exciting one: there can be so many ups and downs …

Big data for an edge in Sports Betting

One way get an edge in professional sports betting is through the use of large amounts of data and getting intelligent insight from that data.  One approach to this could be to use the R programming language along with sports betting data.

R is an increasingly popular language for mathematical modelling and statistical analysis.  It is initially deceptively simple …